iFoxgames Custom Digital Lottery Software complies with authoritative Standards

iFoxgames Lottery Software development and execution specialists are consistent with administrative norms natural to the business of gaming. iFoxgames allows Lotteries to Seamlessly transfer to cell from the prevailing paper-primarily based Operations and reap double growth in ticket sales at the same time as reducing inner fraud.

Lottery Software Development

iFoxgames gives custom lottery programming arrangements, for example, lottery types utilizing 6 to twenty balls or create a standard lottery comprising of 3, 4, and 5 balls. We likewise create a lottery number determination manual for models and auto pick choices, just as box wagering types.

Online Lottery Software Provider

iFoxgames provides promotions and business management analytics, retailer, virtual ticket support, and payment system integrated with the gateways like Ayden, Skrill, Neteller, and Intercash.

Lottery Management System

We provide maximize performance by our management solutions for lottery which includes integrating primary and secondary databases for movement of data and develop playing by drawing and gaming by number, gaming options with auto drawing, and manual capabilities.

Mobile Application Services

We provide custom design solutions for the lottery mobile applications with jackpot alertness, winning digits, and ticket checking by scanning the tickets and it also enables customized push notifications.

Kiosk Lottery Software

Our experts provide the lottery solutions for the Kiosk that enables the QR code reading and play slip for the scratch and lottery processing and voucher printing.

3D and 4D Design

Our 3D and 4D lottery design leverages the programming platforms and languages like Flash, SQL Server, .NET, MVC, JQuery, and HTML5 as well as develop 3D assets with the Flash tools and Unity.

API Integration

Our developers integrate the APIs for displaying the winning feeds across the world, including the Power Ball and popular Mega Millions.

RNG Solutions

We integrate the logic of the Random Number Generator (RNG) for the lottery using the Microsoft RNG library and Mersenne Twister.

Back Office

iFox's Custom Developed Digital Lottery Software Adheres to Regulatory Standards

This platform runs totally on secured business enterprise cloud offerings and gives a extensive variety of offerings. We offer back office support gadget and CRM assisting lottery manage games, danger, online players and retailers.